The OS plugin allows CastMate to perform various operating system level operations.


Powershell Command

Executes a powershell command

Command string
The powershell command you'd like to run.NOTE: Templated content will be escaped for powershell to avoid injection attacks by chatters. However, it cannot prevent the number of args changing if you do not wrap templated content in a string. Use with caution!
Working Directory Folder
The directory you'd like the powershell command run in.
Launch Application

Starts an application.

Application Exe file
Application to start
Working Directory Folder
The directory you'd like to run the application in. (Defaults to the same directory as the .exe)
Arguments Array of strings
The command line arguments to pass to the application.
Ignore If Already Running boolean
If true, CastMate will check to see if the application is already running and not start a second copy.